Nicole Graves Strips Naked to Fuck Blue Dildo

Monday, March 3, 2014

When sexy blonde babe Nicole Graves gets to feeling really horny, she knows just how to take care of her needs. She is happy to strip out of her clothing, no matter what she might be wearing at the time or where she might be. Fortunately, she’s home today and her green shirt, white skirt and blue bra fall to the floor quickly.

Once naked, Nicole Graves grabs her blue vibrating dildo and gets busy with some fun. She loves the stimulation against her tight little nipples, getting them hard as rocks before she moves on to buzzing her clit and fucking her cunt!

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Nicole Graves Masturbates With Dildo in the Bathtub

Monday, March 3, 2014

Classy blonde Nicole Graves is enjoying a nice bath and she’s brought one of her favorite companions along – her thick dildo. She loves to lick the tip, pretending it’s a real cock. She slips it inside of her, satisfying her urges to be filled up.

This gorgeous naked babe gets so horny in the bath and her dildo has a way of insuring that her needs are satisfied. That toy in her talented hands isn’t quite the same as a thick dick, but when Nicole Graves is aching to cum, she knows just how to make it happen. The view of her masturbation fun is intoxicating!

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Nicole Graves Fucks Her Juicy Cunt with Glass Dildo

Friday, February 21, 2014

Beautiful blonde Nicole Graves is looking classy and sensuous in filmy white lingerie. She’s ready for an orgasmic afternoon in bed by herself. She wants to play with her new glass dildo and enjoy the feel of it driving deep into her tight little pussy hole. This gorgeous vixen squeezes her titties first, whetting her appetite as her cunt gets nice and juicy.

Nicole Graves slides her little glass toy into her tight hole and the pleasure washes over her, making her cum almost immediately. She shows you her glossy pink hole when she’s done, hoping you like how wet she is!

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Nicole Graves Strips Naked and Masturbates in Kitchen

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Beautiful blonde Nicole Graves is looking good in a white skirt and apricot shirt. The classy babe is feeling horny in her kitchen and she knows exactly what to do about it. She bares her titties first, loving the way her nipples get nice and hard as soon as they make contact with the air. Then she gets naked and reaches down to her hungry pussy.

Climbing up on the counter, Nicole Graves proves that even classy babes can get down and dirty. She loves to finger her cunt until she cums hard – and then she’ll do it again!

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Nicole Graves Strips From Sheer Strappy Dress For Pussy Pleasing

Friday, January 24, 2014

No matter what Nicole Graves wears, this delicious blonde looks like a million bucks. She is one of the classiest babes around, with a tantalizingly naughty smile. Watching her show off her curves in a sheer black dress is total pleasure, even before she sits down and spreads her long legs wide apart. Her pretty pussy is bare and ready for attention and in no time at all, this horny hottie is slipping her fingers into it.

Nicole Graves also has one of the most perfect asses you’ve ever seen. Stand behind her and watch as she spreads her cheeks wide. You want to hit that for sure!

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Nicole Graves Fingers Her Pussy on a Porch

Friday, January 24, 2014

Standing next to an open window pushes Nicole Graves into a horny frenzy! This buxom blonde gets right down to business, stripping off her pretty pink dress and taking a seat so she can work her hot shaved box! Lucky for us, we don’t need to watch through the window, because we’ve got a front and center seat to the pussy show!

Revel in the beauty of her generous breasts and foxy ass while she puts on a show just for you. Once she’s stripped down to nothing but her high-heeled shoes, Nicole Graves is a wonderful site to behold!

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Nicole Graves Slips Out of Her Dress and Flashes Her Slit

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Seductive blonde Nicole Graves has a gorgeous body and perfect set of luscious tits. In her pretty summer dress, she looks like a friendly neighbor over for a nice chat. It isn’t long before that dress comes off and she starts showing off her delectably bald cunt and tight little asshole.

You’ll love admiring her lovely physique and watching her pleasure herself on her leather sofa as she squeezes her big tits and rubs her hot, hungry clit to a screaming climax. Nicole Graves makes lounging on the couch look like the kind of fun we’d all like to have.

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Nicole Graves Fucks Her Tight Pussy With a Pink Vibrator

Thursday, December 5, 2013

There’s very little sweeter than watching Nicole Graves pleasure herself with a cute pink vibrator. She can’t help but get dressed up in sexy lingerie for an intense evening alone, going crazy on herself with one of her favorite sex toys.

She finds every angle and position she can think of to dildo herself into oblivion, and when she finally cums, you’ll cum too. Any way she can get that plastic cock into her pretty shaved pussy she’ll try, and we’re lucky we get to watch her do it! Nicole Graves really knows how to give herself a good time.

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Nicole Graves Spends Afternoon Masturbating with Dildo

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Gorgeous blonde seductress Nicole Graves is hanging out at home looking quite casual in her short denim skirt and sexy black shirt. This hottie always looks good and when she sees that she has your attention, she is very excited to show you more. She flashes you her long legs and hot ass, then spreads her legs so you can see her pretty pussy.

Continuing to get naked, Nicole Graves then gets her nice thick dildo out and slips it into her hungry cunt. She loves the way it fills her up and she’s ready to show you just how good she is at making herself cum!

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Nicole Graves Ditches Her Bikini and Masturbates With Vibrator

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Nicole Graves pulls out her perfectly color coordinated vibrator to buzz her pussy into cumming. Matched to her pink, purple, and aqua barely-there bikini, her vibrator is her best friend as it pleases her sensitive, perky nipples and then eases into her pretty shaved pussy.

Both fingers and sex toy are used to get her pelvis pumping at a seductive rhythm that brings Nicole Graves to a happy orgasm that drenches the vibrator and causes her nipples to get even harder. As her breath comes in delighted gasps, she excitedly asks you, “What did YOU do while I did THAT?”

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Nicole Graves Takes Off Black Dress to Show You Her Titties

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Blond and beautiful with a Hollywood rich girl style, gorgeous Nicole Graves likes to ease the reveal of her toned, tanned body to a little at a time, giving her audience a moment to drink in the size and perfect roundness of her fine tits and to see the glisten of girl cum on her pussy lips.

Her tight, tiny ass finally gets the attention it deserves before the whole golden goddess is revealed in a spectacular warm, saucy, and oh-so-nasty back shot of tit and ass. Nicole Graves has a body that cries out for your hands on every part and begs for fucking.

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Nicole Graves Loves to Masturbate While You Watch

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Decadent blonde hottie Nicole Graves is in a mood. The bodacious vixen is looking hot in marbled gray lingerie, but she starts stripping it off almost immediately. She loves to flash her titties for you – getting you in the mood for even more. This sexy lady has one of the best bodies in the industry and she knows it.

As she gets naked for the camera, it really turns her on. Pretty soon, Nicole Graves has her fingers in her cunt. She can’t resist the urge to cum for you. If you’d like to join her in orgasmic bliss, it’d be even better!

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Nicole Graves Gets Naked and Spreads to Fuck Vibrator

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sexy blonde Nicole Graves is hanging around at home, wearing only a shirt. Her bald pussy is feeling very hungry for attention and the horny babe knows just how to handle it. She slowly strips, touching her titties and loving the feel of her sensitive skin. She bends over for the camera, flashing her ass and cunt just for you before showing you just how hard her nipples are.

Suddenly, she’s in a pink garter and panties, ready to play. Nicole Graves fingers and fucks her cunt with a purple vibrator. When she buzzes her clit, she cums so loud that her neighbors knock on the walls!

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Nicole Graves Gets Naked From Blue Lingerie For Pussy Spreading

Sunday, September 15, 2013

When gorgeous blonde porn actress Nicole Graves shows off her sexy curves in blue lingerie, she is like super juicy hot eye candy. The luscious temptress wants you to lose yourself in her body and she makes it easier on you by slipping her clothing off so her naked flesh is revealed.

She has some of the finest titties you’ve ever seen and her flat waist leads down to a thick juicy ass and long supple legs. Nicole Graves relaxes with legs spread and caresses her damp pussy, teasing herself into as many orgasms as she needs to relieve her horny tension.

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Nicole Graves Poses in Sexy Bikini and Gets Naked Outside

Friday, September 6, 2013

Blonde bombshell Nicole Graves is looking super hot and sexy in her little speckled bikini. The thin material hugs her fine curves and emphasizes her delicious curves. The wind blows through her hair and the sun kisses her skin through the shadows of the trees. This hottie loves the feeling of the breeze against her fair skin and begins to strip so she can feel more of it.

Nicole Graves loves to be naked when she’s outdoors and she loves it even more when you are watching her get naked and nasty. Keep your eyes open because she’s got more to show you!

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